Globe now accepts online SIM registration

MANILA, Philippines – Telecom giant Globe announces the readiness of its online SIM registration platform following the recent release of the SIM Registration Act’s Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) by the National Telecommunications Commission.

Globe accepts online SIM registration beginning December 27

There are an estimated 87.9 million SIM users in the Globe network.


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All Globe Prepaid, TM, Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi, Globe Mobile WiFi and Globe Business prepaid subscribers may register their SIMs at or beginning December 27, 2022.

By January, customers will also be able to register through the New GlobeOne app. Globe and TM customers will continue to enjoy Globe services and may register until April 26, 2023 to avoid deactivation.

On the other hand, new SIM holders shall purchase deactivated SIMs starting December 27, 2022. Customers purchasing new Globe and TM SIMs must register them immediately to enjoy Globe services.

Globe understands that there are customers including senior citizens, persons with disability and pregnant individuals who may need help in registering their SIMs. To address this, the company, with the help of the government, will put in place assisted registration sites by February 2023 for those in need of help, without access to the internet or are using basic or feature phones.

All existing Globe Postpaid, Globe Platinum, and Globe Business postpaid customers will be pre-registered by Globe using the details provided in their initial application. Globe will get in touch with its customers should there be missing information needed in order to comply with the requirements of the law.

The law is a significant step forward in fighting fraudsters taking advantage of SIM use anonymity in their illicit activities.

— The Summit Express