LOOK: May Parsons and Filipino nurses honored on a London bus

MANILA, Philippines – May Parsons, the Filipina-British nurse who became part of history when she administered the first COVID-19 vaccine back in 2020, shared how the UK government paid tribute to Filipino nurses.

May Parsons and Filipino nurses honored on a London bus
May Parsons, the Fil-Brit nurse who administered the first COVID-10 vaccine and Filipino nurses were honored on a London bus | Photo Courtesy: Twitter/May Parsons

In a tweet dated May 8, Nurse May shared photos of a bus showing a message of tribute to Filipino nurses working in the UK. On a red bus, the message stated, “The nurse who gave the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine. A Filipina. We gave our world the best. The Philippines.”

According to Nurse May, she has high hopes that the message will inspire Filipino nurses all over the world and help them to be recognized not only in their home country but also across the globe. She also hopes that the message will help bring more attention to the Filipino nursing community in the Philippines.

She captioned, “I hope that by seeing this, my brothers & sisters, Filipino nurses, feel seen, not just in the UK but in the world. Let’s get heard. Thank you.”

Nurse May’s post caught the attention of many Filipinos, who were also impressed. Tinig UK, a community of Filipinos based in the UK, tweeted their reply to the post, “Wow, a tribute to our very own May Parsons and Filipino nurses on a London bus! What a way to celebrate #internationalnursesweek!”

Earlier, Nurse May was among those honored by the UK government and was awarded the prestigious George Cross Award on behalf of the UK National Health Service by Queen Elizabeth II.

— Sally, The Summit Express