Man in Cebu buys generator to share it with neighbors affected by Typhoon Odette

MANILA, Philippines – A generous man from Cebu City showed the true meaning of ‘Bayanihan’ in times of calamities. A man named Peking bought a generator so his neighbors could also charge their gadgets after Typhoon Odette hit their city.

Netizens are praising an act of kindness from Peking, a man from Tisa, Cebu City. After Typhoon Odette ravaged their city, many properties and homes were left devastated. Days after the typhoon, some parts of the city still do not have some basic necessities such as electricity and potable water.

A man named Peking of Tisa, Cebu City bought a generator to share with his ka-barangays | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Noel Benjamin Fernandez

Peking and his family know how important it is to have gadgets working after a calamity. So, he bought a generator but instead of keeping it for himself, he decided to take an extra mile. Peking shared it with his ka-barangays so they could charge their gadgets too.

On Facebook, the brother of Peking, Noel Benjamin Fernandez couldn’t be any more proud of his good deed. He said Peking didn’t even hesitate to share it with his neighbors and didn’t expect anything in return.

He wrote, “Proud with my brother, Peking, for his own wonderful community service and acts of kindness. He bought his own generator set so our neighbors in Tisa can have the means to charge their phones and connect to their loved ones. All free of charge.”

Noel added, “Tinabangay lang jud ta ninyu!” [We just have to help each other.]

Netizens were impressed too with Peking’s timely act of kindness. A netizen commented that she hopes many people would be generous in sharing instead of taking advantage of their situation.

Earlier, Mayor Michael Rama warned individuals and businesses that would be caught taking advantage of the crisis. He said he would revoke the business permits of establishments found guilty of overpricing goods such as food and fuel.

“The last thing is sanction. But what is being required is the utmost showing and demonstration of Barangayan, Bayanihan and Boluntarismo. Let’s all help, let’s not take advantage over others. There are laws that will take care of that,” said Rama.

As of December 22, Cebu City has yet to fully restore its power and water supply.

— Sally, The Summit Express