Son who vowed to give late father justice after being ‘maliciously charged’ passes Bar exam

MANILA, Philippines – A man from Cebu fulfilled the promise he made to his late father of becoming a lawyer.

On Facebook, Rofel Bayaga Kiamco from Carmen, Cebu, shared that he passed the 2020/21 Bar Exam. Kiamco was among the 8,241 passers out of 11,402 takers of the 2020/21 Bar Examination announced last April 12, 2022.

Atty. Rofel Bayaga Kiamco offers his success to his father who died with no justice
Atty. Rofel Bayaga Kiamco offers his success to his father who died with no justice | Photo courtesy: Facebook/ Rofel Kiamco

Along with his happiness was the fulfillment of a vow he made to his father Ruben ‘Boyax’ Laping Kiamco Sr.

According to Kiamco, the death of his father, who was “maliciously charged,” was his motivation to pursue law and help bring justice to the poor and in need of legal assistance. Kiamco shared that his father was a “legend,” a fearless man whose “heart is like a Lion who knows nothing about a retreat.”

Kiamco shared that his father got engaged in a brawl in 2012. His father was alone fighting against more or less 10 men. Because of the fight, his father was maliciously charged with attempted murder and frustrated murder in RTC Br. 25 and MCTC Catmon.

A year after, his father passed away with no justice as his case was left pending.

The incident caused so much pain to Kiamco that made him wish that if only they had a lawyer in their family, his father should have been defended in court. He also noted how his father had to suffer malicious imputation from the police. All these made him promise to be a lawyer so he could defend his family and those who were abused but remain helpless.

He wrote, “His death caused me sorrow and grief, which struck me because he died without a lawyer in the family to defend him in court – except a lawyer from PAO. That malicious imputation by the police squeezed my heart, and on his grave, I made a vow to him to pursue Law studies so that I may defend our family and the abused from the abusers.”

In the end, Kiamco offered his success to his father. He also promised to give justice to anyone in need.

“To my beloved late father, Boyax, here is now my promise – a Lawyer – who will defend our family and do justice and fairness to everyone,” he wrote.

Kiamco’s post has gone viral with over 207,000 reactions and 49,000 shares since posting.

I will share a photograph of a man who is the cause why I pursued law studies and aim for lawyering. He is Ruben Laping…

Posted by Rofel Bayaga Kiamco on Tuesday, April 12, 2022

— Sally, The Summit Express